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A Smart Way To Healthcare

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A Cloud based ecosystem of remote patient monitoring devices, wearables and AI powered software that connects patients and healthcare providers for timely and efficient care delivery.

Strategic Consulting

  • Process Improvement

  • Revenue Stream

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EHR Optimization

Increase workflow efficiency and improve healthcare matrix by custom EHR optimization.

Technology Implementation

  • Remote patient monitoring

  • Augmented Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

  • Live Dashboard + Alerts

  • Staffing optimization

  • Device integration (3rd Party FDA approved)

  • AI and machine learning to help with MDM with the help of preventive analytics.

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Quality Improvement & Service line optimization

  • Revenue enhancement

  • Care standardization

Cloud based live patient tracking and placement

  • To support the interfacility transfer process

  • Cost reduction by reducing the need to employ manpower and call centers

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